What better time then Easter to get out there with the family in tow?

We love our great country and know you do too, so we want to help you, CHOOSE YOUR OWN EASTER ADVENTURE!

Head in store from now until the midnight Sunday the 12th of April, spend over $100 on Ironman 4x4 product and tell us your top camping tip or trick… it’s just that simple. 

If you really have the GREATEST tip, we will reward you with the GO ANYWHERE pack featuring:

  • Hema HX-1 Navigator – the perfect tool when you are on and off road
  • $500 Fuel voucher – to get you out there
  • Top Of Down Under – East Kimberly Series 9 USB – for the inspiration you need
  • Easter egg bundle – because who doesn’t love chocolate

Weekly, we will be rewarding the most creative entries. So make sure to get your entry in quick!

This competition has now closed.  


Congratulations to our prize winners

David Mccafferty

Always carry two sources of water, as you never know if you will get a leak and loose all of your water.

Matthew Frost

Keep your zippers zippy by applying a little bit of candle wax from a very unlit candle.

Graham Cahill 

I have a large square bucket with a resealable lid that i use for washing the clothes. It can be tipped upside down without leaking.
Put the clothes, water and detergent in the bucket and strap it in the vehicle for the morning drive (a rough 4wd track works best).
swap the soapy water for clean water after lunch. The afternoon drive is the rinse cycle (you may need an afternoon coffee break for a second rinse). Hang the clothes up when you return to camp.
Washing done while you drive!

Cody Pollard

Use Silica gel packets to keep your camp cookware rust free between uses.

Peter Sutton

Tip: As seen on Facebook recently, don't camp under a big tree. 
Trick: Use the sediment from Cooper's beer to make your damper. The yeast makes it come out lighter. 

Posted on 21/03/2020