Some restrictions have reduced and some normality has returned, but we still can't go camping across Australia.
It won't be far away, so while you’re stuck in isolation, why not check over, fix and upgrade your 4x4 ready for your next trip. Below we have collated a list of items to check in your vehicle.



     o      Clean your vehicle. From top to bottom, removing any twigs, sticks and caked on mud that is left from your last trip
                (Once cleaned keep an eye out for any 'wet patches', you may have a hidden leak!)

     o      Clean or replace your air filters

Inspect & Check

     o      Inspect wheels for any punctures

     o      Inspect and replace, if necessary, brake pads

     o      Check Tyre Pressures and inflate/deflate if necessary
                 (Ironman 4x4 air compressors and tyre pressure gauges are great to check your tyre pressure on the run. See more here)

     o      Check your underbody protection for any loose components and tighten if necessary
              (Don't have underbody protection? It is a critical to protect your vehicle from damage whilst off-road exploring. Check out your fit here)

     o      Check and, if required, replace windscreen wipers

Fluid Levels

Check fluid levels and top up if required:

     o      Engine Oil

     o      Brake Fluid

     o      Clutch 

     o      Power Steering 

     o      Washer Water
              (You will never know when you need it)


Check batteries 

     o      Starter Battery 

     o      Auxiliary Batteries, if fitted


Ensure all of your lights and switches are working:

     o      Headlights

     o      Stoplights

     o      Taillights

     o      Turning Signals

     o      Hazard Lights

     o      Reverse Lights

     o      Fog Lights

     o      Spotlights
                 (Don’t have spot lights, check out Ironman 4x4’s here)

     o      Work Lights
                 (Worklights are convenient when working around a campsite. Find the right fit)

     o      Light Bars
                 (Need more distance with your lights? Get your light bar here)

Accessory Mounts

Check and tighten all accessory mounts
(You can never have enough accessories. What else can you fit from here?)

     o      Bull Bars

     o      Sand Flag

     o      Aerial

     o      Lights

     o      Roof Rack

     o      Tray

     o      Tow Bar

     o      Recovery Points

     o      Side Steps

Download the full list here

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Did you know?

You can still get parts delivered?

Even in isolation, you can still get the parts you need from Ironman 4x4. Call your local store to organise pick up or delivery.

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All Ironman 4x4 products come with instructions?

Now, you have checked over your rig, what’s next on the fitment list?

All of our products come with fitting instructions, so if you are handy, you could add to your rig at home. Check out the range.

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Posted on 14/05/2020