ATS to suit Subaru

Elevate your adventure!

The new Ironman 4x4 All Terrain Suspension (ATS) is designed to elevate the adventure of Subaru drivers, providing comfort, handling and additional clearance over mud, snow, sand and bitumen.

Adventure Elevated

- The only true 2-inch lift long travel suspension available for Subaru’s

- Frequency matched springs paired with tuned dampers

- 270mm of ground clearance

- Levels of dynamic competence like never before

ATS Fitted


Designed for enhanced stablity and control, the kit contains everything you need to upgrade the suspension in your Subaru. Each kit contains pre-assembled coil spring and Nitro Gas strut shock absorbers, subframe alignment kit, sway bar relocation kit and exhaust hanger rubbers, as applicable to each vehicle.

Nitro Gas Header

Highly versatible, Nitro Gas Shock Absorbers are a big step up above the standard suspension in performance and control.

Designed specifically to suit the Subaru vehciles, the shock absorbers feature:

- 35mm piston

- 54mm body

- Twin-tube construction

- Nitrogen gas pressurised

ATS Nitro Shocks

ATS Fitted

Designing a Lift Kit for a Subaru

Click the below link and check out the article from automotive journalist Robert Pepper as he explains the considerations and design elements of suspension to suit a Subaru. 

"Suspension is the unsung hero of vehicle performance, but only if it's done right"

Robert Pepper, Motofomo

Find out more about suspension design

ATS Rally Driver

How does it compare

When compared to budget trim-packer kits, the all-new ATS suspension outperforms with greater performance and stability, on and off-road.  

"Safety, comfort and performance - it's a well-rounded package that is really quite impressive"

Nate Tennis, Professional Rally Driver at DirtFish Rally School

Check out the below video, where professional rally driver Nate compares Ironman 4x4 ATS to the original suspension.

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ATS Rally Driver